Wednesday, 20 May 2015


So one of my favourite youtubers; Troye Sivan invented this tag where you describe yourself in 5 emojis, I've decided to do it today even though the pizza emoji pretty much sums me up. I haven't been tagged but I'm going to do it anyways - wow I'm such a rebel!

The Umbrella Emoji 
I really want to travel the world as I grow older but I feel like the umbrella emoji  represents the one place I will never be a tourist - London! 

The Sassy Girl Emoji    
Next I chose the sassy girl emoji because it just makes every sentence ten times better so I use it in like every reply.

The Earphone Emoji 
I'm constantly listening to music and I genuinely couldn't go a day without some earphones. 

I picked the shooting star emoji because 
A) shooting stars can symbolize hope,guidance, luck, etc 
B) I'm and night owl 
C) I just really like the concept that we are pretty much made up of stardust. 
The Salsa Dancer Emoji 
Another of my most used emojis, I chose this one because she's just having such a great time 

Sorry for not posting in almost a month. I've had a lot of exams and stuff but I will be trying my hardest to post every 7-10 days even if it's just a quick one like this 
- Aleena xo

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